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Two Articles Worth Reading

Posted by Rick · September 2nd, 2004 · 1 Comment

Two articles worth reading — since I can’t write anything significant until I finish my Federal Courts reading today — are found at AndrewSullivan.com. Sullivan is a self-proclaimed “pro-Reagan, pro-Contra, pro-SDI, pro-Gulf War conservative” who finds John Kerry “deeply troubling.”

“The Miller Moment,” discusses a speech at the Republican National Convention by a purported Democrat, Zell Miller. After a discussion of parts of the speech, Sullivan notes,

What’s remarkable about the Republicans is their utter indifference to fairness in their own attacks. Smearing opponents as traitors to their country, as unfit to be commander-in-chief, as agents of foreign powers (France) is now fair game. Appealing to the crudest form of patriotism and the easiest smears is wrong when it is performed by the lying Michael Moore and it is wrong when it is spat out by Zell Miller.

Next, he takes a look at the speech by Dick Cheney and asks, “What happened to the economy?” Furthermore, “What happened to Mary?”

She was “disappeared” from the family tableau, perhaps of her own choice. But the only reason she was not there was obvious. No openly gay people belong anywhere near that podium. Her position, at this point, is poignant – but, alas, increasingly impossible.

Finally, in looking at Mitt Romney’s formulation of the need for a marriage amendment. Because of the way Romney formulated the issue, Sullivan is forced to ask,

Is Romney serious? Are single moms now anathema to Republicans?

So, whilst I’m slaving over my Federal Courts book, I hope you’ll make a stop at AndrewSullivan.com and check out the rest of those stories.

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  • 1 Rick // Sep 2, 2004 at 1:48 pm

    Another great piece from Sullivan:

    KEYES VERSUS MARY: Alan Keyes calls Mary Cheney a “selfish hedonist” because she is a lesbian. (It’s worth recalling that Keyes’ intellectual mentor, the brilliant philosopher, Allan Bloom, was also a “selfish hedonist.”) Meanwhile, the Family Research Council distributes fortune cookies at MSG with the message: “Real Men Marry Women.” I guess Jesus and the Pope aren’t real men.


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