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The Bushes & Regime Change

Posted by Rick · March 14th, 2004 · No Comments

My very first thought when I heard about the rebel uprising in Haiti was “no way. They wouldn’t do that again…not now.” By “they,” I meant the Bushes — and I’m not just talking about the current President — I meant the several generations of Bushes which have been accused of being involved in overthrowing governments.

It’s interesting that the mainstream press is virtually silent on the stories about Bush’s alleged involvement in the overthrow of President Aristide by rebels armed with U.S. military weapons. CNN, Fox “News” and others have plenty of airtime for ad nauseum interviews with people who will go on ad nauseum about the oddities of Michael Jackson, they have virtually no time for accusations being made even by political figures — who are at least respected in some circles — about Bush supporting the overthrow of a democratically-elected government.

As MSNBC reported,

?It is clear that the right wing in this country does not support that democracy,? [Jesse, not Michael] Jackson said in a telephone interview. ?(Bush) is, in fact, supporting overthrow of this government in this hemisphere.?

The people most of us trust to tell us about Amber Frey’s visit to the Chuck E. Cheese pizza parlor cannot be concerned with a simple thing like allegations that a United States President is busily engaged in “regime change” right in our own backyard.


Perhaps the answer is quite simple: If you knew what Bush was up to, you’d never re-elect him. Not in a million years. And if you don’t re-elect him, there’s no guarantee that Kerry (or whoever else is poised to replace him) will be as friendly to corporations as he is.

And Corporations own the news — or at least the only news to which most of you are ever exposed.

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