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The United Serfs of America

Posted by Rick · November 5th, 2003 · 2 Comments

Corporate scandals still reign.

And people still believe that the party which conspires to turn them into serfs is good for them.

Thank goodness my wife and I have no kids. Yours will be paying for a loooooong time. And all that just so you can have a better life.

What’s that? You say you put these people in charge, but you haven’t gotten anything personally in return? You mean, you thought they’d improve your lives, but you didn’t get your tax cut? Did you get anything to show for your vote? Hmmm…so maybe I was right about your intelligence level, nu? Do you think you’ll stop before the next election and ask, “Are we better off with massive deficits, phantom tax cuts, lowered social benefits for people who aren’t rich (e.g., most Americans), less jobs, more work to make up for those who were laid off and a huge bill our kids will be paying for generations?” If you answered, “Heck yeah!” to this, continue voting Republican.

These guys are real tax-and-spend party. Consider this:

What is Bush’s record on spending? As Jeffrey Tucker and Lew Rockwell have noted, it’s awful. The Bush administration inherited a federal budget of $1.86 trillion, and now proposes to spend $2.3 trillion in 2004, for a whopping 23.6 percent increase in federal spending in this short period. The Bush presidency has far outspent Clinton’s in every category. As Cato’s Chris Edwards says, “[B]ased on his first three budgets, President Bush is the biggest spending president in decades.” To close the gap between spending and revenue, said a report commissioned by the US Treasury, would require an “immediate and permanent 66 percent across-the-board income tax increase.” – James Ostrowski, Is the Tax Cut for Real?, Ludwig von Mises Institute, May 29, 2003.

Even the British understand that George Bush is the tax-and-spend king.

The Bush administration reportedly buried a report commissioned by the US Treasury which predicted a budget deficit of over $44,000bn and called for tax rises. Bush Buried ‘Critical’ Report, BBC News, World Edition, May 29, 2003.

But you, the new serfs, cannot see what your king has done.

As Ron Ronning notes,

Under the new feudal system, the masses are placated using numerous methods. Television, video games, popular music, and professional sports provide mind-numbing distractions. Alcohol, drugs and gross immorality further numb the general population to the harsh reality of our condition. Subtle, as well as overt forms of mind control are also used to discourage any resistance that would otherwise instinctively occur. Fear has been used to cement controls and implement greater restraints of freedom. Now that we have arrived at this new serfdom, few individuals actually recognize it exists, since they have been controlled, misled or distracted. – Ron Ronning, The New Serfdom, PrisonPlanet.com Analysis.

Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. As he further notes, we don’t have to create a new system to protect our freedoms and stop this trend that is already turning us into so much property.

While the current situation may seem overwhelmingly bleak, it is not impossible to reverse. After all, we do not have to create a new system to protect our freedoms as our ancestors did. We need only to enforce what has already been provided. If we can collectively reject the numbing distractions and mind control techniques used by this global ?nobility? to keep us enslaved, we could form an overwhelming resistance to regain our God given rights. The precedent for personal freedom has already been set, but the responsibility to maintain that freedom belongs to each individual. The rights and freedom of generations to come may depend upon what we do to protect them today. What course of action will you decide to take? Ibid.

Just think about it.

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