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Posted by Rick · March 10th, 2005 · No Comments

For those who got excited seeing the title, thinking that this was the follow up to last week’s “The New Fascism,” I’m sorry to disappoint.

My next-to-the-last Professional Responsibility class is tonight and I’v work to do.

One of my readers pointed out to me that freelance journalist (a real journalist; not one of those FNF [faux news folk]) has written something similar to my take on fascism. Author of Strawberry Days, Death on the Fourth of July and In God’s Country: The Patriot Movement and the Pacific Northwest, he’s a much better writer than I am.

About 3 a.m. today, I finally got around to starting to read Neiwert’s stuff on “The Rise of Pseudo-Fascism”. It’s well worth a read and I recommend you go there post-haste. He’s clearly done more research and had more time to think about this issue than me.

There’s a “cleaned-up” PDF version here, which is about 87 pages long and includes a bibliography. Again, however, it’s well worth the read. It is slightly different from the HTML versions, because the HTML versions are blog entries, which he later edited to create the PDF version of the essay.

For another, slightly more crass, take on the subject, check out “American Hitler” by Doug Thompson over at The Rant.

Otherwise, you may not hear much from me until the weekend. Maintaining Unspun™ as I head into the last couple months as a third-year law school student is probably not going to be easy. Finals, dontchaknow. (Plus, I really want to get my legal site, RHDefense, up and running.)

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