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Why Schiavo?

Posted by Rick · March 24th, 2005 · No Comments

Bush’s recent comments about Terri Schiavo are B.S. in more ways than one.

First, there’s the “Futile Care Law” he signed as governor of Texas, which gave hospitals — we’re not even talking “mom and dad versus husband” here — the right to remove patients from life support when doctors deem them unlikely to recover, even when their families object.

I’ve no doubts, though, that as with everything else Bush does, Americans will overlook the hypocrisy of Governor Bush’s prior mandate for a fate President Bush deems too terrible for Schiavo.

Then, of course, there are all those Bush deemed worthy of death despite requests for clemency even from folks like the Pope. My fondest wish would be for every American to view the video of Bush’s response to Karla Tucker’s pending death. During an interview, Bush pursed his lips, squinted his eyes, and in a squeaky voice said, “Please don’t kill me.”

It wasn’t enough he decided to let her die; he felt compelled to add mockery — and that even though she’d never asked him to spare her life. But, hey, ol’ King George thought it was funny.

I think Elisabeth Bumiller pretty much summed things up on the Schiavo issue:

Although Mr. Bush was described as personally moved by the issue, his dramatic return was seen as a powerful embrace of the
‘culture of life’ issues of religious conservatives who helped him win the White House in 2004. Those groups will be crucial to the political fortunes of the Republican Party in 2006 and 2008. — Elisabeth Bumiller, quoted in Dan Froomkin, “For Bush, High Drama and Mixed Reviews” (March 21, 2005) The Washington Post.

Aren’t we now glad G-d and Diebold put him in the White House when a bare majority of Americans were stupid enough to vote otherwise?

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