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U.S. Officials…Terrorists?

Posted by Rick · November 8th, 2004 · No Comments

It’s about time someone stood up for the Truth.

I should say, first, that while I happen to think Rudy Bakhtiar is kinda cute, I also have to agree with the semi-anonymous poster at dvorkin.com — I’m guessing it’s David Dvorkin by the looks of the post (I doubt Lenore would be accused of being a “homo” for not liking Rudy) — that she is an airhead. And, although I’m now no longer sure that she has earned the label “right wing,” a news anchor, she is not.

Tonight, though, she proved that she’s at least part comedian. I didn’t even listen to the story, I was laughing so hard.

She started off with “U.S. Officials have long been considered terrorists….”

She quickly “corrected” herself, however, “U.S. Officials have long considered terrorists….”

Hmmm…maybe she is a news anchor — and not an airhead — after all!

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