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Time-Released Tablets of Fear

Posted by Rick · August 3rd, 2004 · 1 Comment

Look for more of these time-released tablets of fear from the Bush Administration in the months leading up to our national elections.

The Bush Administration learned a long time ago that Americans will do anything if they’re properly frightened. Whether it’s giving up civil rights or voting for the man who has repeatedly lied to the American people — not about semen-stained dresses as conservative minions of old used to complain on this blog — but about reasons for going to war, about what did or didn’t happen at Abu Ghraib (remember that place?), the importance of allowing oil companies to plot our energy policy (and then going to court to keep the details hidden), records that mysteriously disappear and then magically reappear after the public is notified (re-appearing undoctored, of course) or just about anything else.

As to those documents, by the way: first, it was Bush’s “military” records (if you can call them military, since he was apparently AWOL even with the new version of documents recently “found” after they had been “missing” themselves) and then the Florida votes that went missing from a voting machine only to be “found” after the press started writing that this proved the unreliability of electronic voting.

It’s a foregone conclusion that Bush is going to win the election. Since he owns the voting machines, a loss is impossible even if we all vote against him.

But maybe, if enough people start putting two and two together, we’ll figure out how to stop the march to serfdom Bush and his corporate sponsors have in mind for us.

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  • 1 Mark // Aug 3, 2004 at 11:51 am


    Don’t be so worried about serfdom. Many of those who are already there seem happy enough with it. They fervently support those who keep them in that position. Let Druggie Rush do your thinking for you, and you’ll be just fine!

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