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The Art of Distraction

Posted by Rick · May 15th, 2006 · 1 Comment

It may be about time to change this category name from “The Bush Regime” to what the Bush Regime goal for America is quickly becoming: “Police State.”

Yahoo! News today reports that President Bush has decided to militarize the United States borders — well, the one between us and the brown people, anyway.

What many Americans don’t know is that brown people from other nations sneak in through the northern border with Canada, as do some illegal white people. Now fully hyped up on the idea that we’re being invaded by Mexicans, though, we’ve got to make sure our National Guard, already bearing a heavy burden fighting a war Bush tricked us into in Iraq, will be stretched even thinner. But if we’re going to freak out over brown people pouring across our borders, shouldn’t we militarize all our borders?

Perhaps Bush’s goal is much more basic, though. Maybe it’s not really about making our borders impermeable to illegal aliens. Rather, with a war right here on U.S. soil, maybe people will stop thinking about Iraq.

And that, after all, does seem to be the primary goal of the Bush Administration and its supporters. Rather than actually fix things — most likely they haven’t a clue how anyway (remember, Bush was a repetitive failure in business before coming to politics) — the Administration would prefer to keep us distracted.

Yet Lee Ellis of the Gannett News Service denies this, saying Americans everywhere are really just ignorant twits, pulled and pushed about by a liberal press and socialist teachers in our schools.

Try to find this liberal press, however. They’re well-hidden. Clicking on the “News results for bush polls” link that came up when I was googling for such information reveals only stories arguing that the low ratings are false and fantastic creations of the liberal press (and socialist teachers in our schools). [Caveat: The link in this paragraph was created on May 15, 2006 at approximately 10 a.m. PST. By the time you view it, the stories on the page may have changed.] Laura Bush wants us to believe that when the polls favored her husband, they didn’t appear on the front page. When they’re against him, they’re always on the front page.

Fact is, though, I remember seeing front page stories about Americans supporting various Bush proposals, until they found out those proposals were based on lies. I remember, also, the Bush Administration paying to plant news stories in the papers, some of which ended up on the front pages of various local papers. Furthermore, stories about Bush’s “sagging” poll numbers have been around for some time — there are, after all, some newspapers that still largely print news — but they are only recently starting to get widespread attention. Sooner or later, even FAUX News has to admit the truth.

And socialist professors? Perhaps they are everywhere, after all. When you look at the Bush Administration definition, those are the ones who disagree with the Administration’s policies. I’ve been called a socialist myself because of my disagreements with Bush, even though I have never supported socialism and doubt I ever would. (The fact that I would not support unbridled capitalism does not mean I would support socialism. Both are harmful to the average American human being.) It stands to reason that as more and more people find they disagree with the Bush Administration, more and more of them will be classified as socialists. And some of those newly-minted “socialists” are bound to be professors!

But you have to ask yourself, “Is Lee Ellis right? Are Americans really stupid?” Well, quite possibly. After all, in spite of the fact that we all should be able to see what rising gas prices are doing to our own pocketbooks and should be able to extrapolate from that to recognize the damage being done to our nation’s economy by the Bush Administration’s coddling of oil companies — remember, Bush and Cheney are, first and foremost, (failed) oilmen — we do nothing about it. We may get riled up enough to commiserate with one another over the water cooler — who can afford beer anymore when we need to buy gas so we can get to work? — but we haven’t had much impact on our elected representatives. If enough Americans complained to those representatives, though, you’d better believe they’d act to punish oil companies for raping us at the pump. So maybe Americans are stupid.

Still, it’s difficult to believe that Americans are stupid enough not to be able to see what’s happening in their own lives, yet smart enough to pay heed to “erroneous” news stories about the Bush Administration. If Americans are really so dumb as the Bush Administration says, how would they be swayed by a non-existent liberal press and legions of imaginary socialist professors in our schools?

The fact is, Bush’s militarization of the border is doomed to fail. It won’t stop illegal immigration. And, hopefully, it won’t distract Americans from recognizing that the real threat to our way of life is sitting in the White House.

Because the real problem in America isn’t a liberal press. It isn’t socialist professors in our schools. It’s an inept and bumbling failed businessman trying to run America as if it, too, were a corporation. The only difference is that Bush has forgotten that if America were a corporation, then under the Constitution, we would all be shareholders entitled to a return on the investment. Instead, he’s focused only on the rich, provide tax cuts and opportunities for obscene oil and munitions profits, and trampled the rights of the rest of us. And the truth is, some of us are finally getting a little tired of it all.

No matter how hard he tries, no increase in domestically-deployed National Guardsmen or Republican-endorsed propaganda is going to change that.

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  • 1 PoliticalCritic // May 15, 2006 at 7:58 pm

    Bush didn’t want to go near this subject. He doesn’t want to upset the corporations because they fund him and illegal labor and he doesn’t want to destroy the foothold with Hispanic voters the Republican party has established. He’s trying to walk the line without going too far to either side.

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