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Stealing America

Posted by Rick · June 2nd, 2006 · No Comments

The more time goes by, the more it appears to be true that the Republicans — who may control a bare majority of the electorate at times — have stolen more than our nation’s resources.

Yes, I know we don’t care that they’ve stolen many American lives by tricking us into backing their war for oil. And I know we don’t care about the coincidence of having an oilman for President, an oilman for Vice-President, several oil people on the President’s staff and oil executives secretly meeting with the Vice-President at the start of the first term in office while gasoline prices have increased dramatically. And I know there’s a whole host of other things that we’re just not concerned about, including lost freedoms and civil rights.

The “limited form of government” established by the Founders via the Constitution is becoming unlimited. We no longer recognize that, under the Constitution, citizens have virtually unlimited rights. It is the government that is supposed to justify any increase in the powers it claims for itself. Instead, we’ve learned to argue that the People don’t have certain rights “because they aren’t guaranteed by the Constitution.” And we complain about individuals constantly “discovering” new rights that are nowhere to be “found” in that document.

Au contraire! Under the Constitution, as originally conceived and as written, the only rights individuals do not have are those rights we expressly gave up in “constituting” the federal government. All other rights that someone might assert are now and always have been ours.

But I know we no longer care about that.

The ignorance, apathy, or languor that leads us increasingly to abandon any attempts to rein in our government — and reign as self-governors intended by the Constitution — is saddest though, when it extends to our complacency about stolen elections. As more time passes, we find increasing evidence that this is, indeed, what happened in 2004 (and likely as not in 2000 as well).

What makes the lack of outrage and anger over this so very sad is that — should we ever actually awaken from this ennuitic nightmare — it will be too late.

At that point, the only thing that will fix our government will be actual — not metaphorical — revolution.

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