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Lying About Liars Whose Lying Abilities Are Untested

Posted by Rick · June 9th, 2005 · No Comments


A White House spokeswoman, Michele St. Martin, said yesterday that Mr. Cooney would not be available to comment. “We don’t put Phil Cooney on the record,” Ms. St. Martin said. “He’s not a cleared spokesman.” — Andrew C. Revkin, “Bush Aide Softened Greenhouse Gas Links to Global Warming” (June 8, 2005) New York Times.

Of course, what they really mean is “we haven’t determined whether he can lie in public and keep a straight face, or whether he’ll lose it and spill the beans.”

The man we’re talking about? Apparently he’s responsible for making sure that government scientists don’t tell the truth about greenhouse gases and global warming.

After all, the President and the other Oil Men running our government won’t allow that.

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