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Ignorance: The Making of a Third World Country

Posted by Rick · September 9th, 2005 · 1 Comment

See? There’s plenty o’ food in Nawlins!

My aunt sent me an article “that makes some good points” — it’s all about how people are misjudging poor George Bush and blaming him for the fact that he can’t save them from themselves.

It’s interesting to note that, on the one hand, the Bush Regime and its supporters are complaining about “liberals” trying “to play the Blame Game,” while on the other hand, the Bush Regime and its supporters are busy — huh? what? — blaming everyone else.

Forget the fact that yours truly and so many other liberals weren’t elected President, so we have neither the authority nor the resources to deal with national disasters. Forget the fact that this Administration has repeatedly expressed its disdain not just for the American people, but for the American way of life.

In my opinion, it’s gotten to the point where there’s no sense listening anymore.

People who support this President no longer talk to the rest of us; they talk at us. And whatever world they’re living in, it’s beyond delusional.

To make matters worse, we’ve reached the sad state where the best place to get the news is from Jon Stewart’s Daily Show — the one television news source that doesn’t load up on “b.s.”

The fact of the matter is that someone was apparently still reading “My Pet Goat” when he should have been mobilizing — oh, wait — huge chunks of the National Guard were in Iraq, digging through garbage heaps looking for armor for their vehicles and bullets for their guns. I forgot.

We have OILMEN running the White House and no one thinks it funny that we go to war with countries that aren’t attacking us (but have neat reserves of OIL that Halliburton and other OIL companies can’t stop drooling about). We have OILMEN running the White House meeting with OIL executives, making secret plans — and fighting all the way to the Supreme Court to keep them secret — for America’s future Energy Policy. Subsequently, Americans begin paying more than twice as much for a gallon of gasoline as what they paid before the OILMEN took over the White House.

Meanwhile, Barbara Bush states — in a recording that had to be played on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show because no “mainstream” news station had the backbone to make sure we all heard it — that those folk dying in New Orleans are better off now, because, you know, they were actually quite poor. So now that they were packed into football stadiums and convention centers, their lives were better.

And that, my friends, is the vision the Bushes have for us. Once everything has been stripped away from us, we’ll all be better off.

Of course, none of them are volunteering for any of this.

But maybe they have a point. After all, thousands of Americans are stupid enough to think they’re better off, even as the number of poor people relative to the number of rich people continues to grow; even as our children (and no Bushes, or Cheneys, or Roves) go off to fight the OILMEN’S War.

Some day, historians from another country — we won’t have the luxury of historians here in Third World America — will write about how America was destroyed by the Bush Regime.

But it won’t matter. Because, if you can imagine this, Americans (if any are left) will be even dumber, and probably more illiterate, than they are today.

Only one mainstream news organization has had the courage to tell it like it is. Look at the caption that ran on television the other day, to see what I mean.

Meanwhile, grab a Magic Marker and write your Social Security number on your body parts. Because once Bush has finished trashing that system, the number will only be good for helping them single you out from the other new Third World workers they’re creating, in the new Third World country they’re building.

Frankly, folks, there ought to be limits to the amount of crap you’ll take from this Administration.

Or have you really somehow deluded yourself into thinking that you will be spared?

Special thanks to Avi Golden for emailing me the image used in this article.

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  • 1 Todd Vodka // Sep 11, 2005 at 9:50 pm

    w is a lying, cheating, unpatriotic weasel, but he does fish with a baitcasting reel, and I have to tell you I admire that.

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