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Freedom of Speech Okay: “Out There”

Posted by Rick · September 29th, 2006 · No Comments

These are really sad times in which we’re living. It’s gotten so bad that, frankly, I see almost no reason to blog anymore. Too many of us “ordinary people” who never commit crimes or do anything wrong are willingly moving ourselves closer to the day when that won’t matter.

Yesterday, an ordinary American, Ryan Bird, was detained by officers for writing his opinion that the Transportation Security Administration secretary was “an idiot.” The words were written on a clear plastic bag containing carry-on items as he prepared to board a plane. Bird is the Vice-President of an industrial equipment manufacturing company. I might think that could qualify him as some kind of terrorist, but I’d be surprised if most Americans would agree with me.

Or maybe I’m wrong. He did, after all, speak his mind. And that’s increasingly forbidden in the United States of America.

The supervisor [at the airport security checkpoint] told Bird he had the right to express his opinions “out there” — pointing outside the screening area — but did not have the right “in here,” Bird said.— Mike M. Ahlers, ” ‘Idiot’ barb gets passenger detained” (September 28, 2006) CNN

In keeping with modern-day reporting practices, no witnesses to the incident were interviewed other than the “security” personnel. They, of course, described the man as “combative.” Uh, right. And President Bush is the champion of freedom.

Frankly, I hope the man carries this through to a major lawsuit. I only wish I could sit on the jury. Well, okay, I wish that…and that the rest of you would wake the fuck up.

Both circumstances have about an equal chance of occurring, from what I can see.

How many of you are going to contact your congressional representatives to tell them you don’t like this sort of thing? Well, you may be next.

EDIT: I don’t care much for what I’ve heard about “Wonkette,” but following up this story lead me to her blog. You can read what she said ?
???Special thanks to Bob Marcotte for sending the link to this story.

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