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Don’t Ask, We Won’t Tell

Posted by Rick · August 17th, 2006 · No Comments

Really, this pretty much says it all:

And recently, two former AT&T workers told The New York Times that the company’s facility in St. Louis had a separate room, protected by double doors and retinal/fingerprint scanners, where “a government agency” monitored network traffic. — Levine, “What Does the NSA Know About You?” (July 24, 2006) Yahoo! News

I know, I know: If you aren’t doing anything wrong, you don’t have anything to hide.

So why is it you guys get so pissed off when I wander into your homes just for a look around, then? I mean, after all, if you’ve nothing to hide, shouldn’t good neighbors just put my mind at ease by letting me check for myself?

Why is it that we’re okay with the fact that our once-democratic republic is becoming less and less accessible to us — because everything is a big secret — but our lives are a permanent open book to “the government.”

And who is “the government” now, anyway? In the old days, it was us, but, increasingly, “the government” now treats each us of as potential enemies.

And you’re all okay with that for some odd reason.

The sad thing is that when the day comes — and it will — that the tide changes and you regret that decision, it will be too late. There is a reason our Founders distrusted government. There is a reason they made it so difficult for government to exercise power over us. And trust me — you prove this on a daily basis — our Founders were a helluva lot smarter than you.

Think about it.

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