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But We’re Safer Now

Posted by Rick · July 20th, 2004 · No Comments

I was just listening to a report on CNN. They noted that the war in Iraq is having an impact on recruitment stateside. (Surprise!)

This is creating a difficulty for Americans at home because fire, rescue and other such services sometimes depend upon the National Guard and other quasi-military or reserve forces.

The report noted that has resulted in manpower (people power?) shortages for various local police and fire departments.

Over the weekend, I spotted a story buried on one of the inside pages of the print newspaper (The Fresno Bee) which said that the United States is pulling troops in the largest re-alignment since the Cold War in order to beef up our forces in Iraq. Where are they coming from? Well, we don’t really need them near North Korea, since one nuclear bomb would wipe them all out. (Hey, wait! Aren’t we supposed to be attacking countries that have illegitimately acquired weapons of mass destruction???)

The story noted that the U.S. military is “stretched thin” by the extended U.S. occupation of the purportedly free and sovereign state of Iraq.

Well, I know I can rest easier, knowing that our military abroad is stretched thin and that it’s having an impact on fire, rescue and other critical services here at home.

Oh, yeah…and now we’re rattling swords (’cause we’re out of bombs?) at Iran.

Makes sense to me, Mr. Bush!

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