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Bush: Whacking Science

Posted by Rick · July 9th, 2004 · No Comments

Previously, I reported that several scientists had been complaining about Bush’s increasing tendency to rely upon pseudo-science in order to justify overturning environmental protections and advance the interests of large Corporations.

Today, CNN announced that four thousand scientists, including 48 Nobel laureates have joined the protest.

Among other reasons, scientists serving on advisory panels to the United States government complain they are being told to “strip out” portions of their scientific findings or those reports will never see the light of day when those findings might show that current policies are harmful to our future existence.

Previously, a bipartisan group of former U.S. diplomats and military commanders called for the defeat of Bush because his actions regarding friendly foreign countries were resulting in the “crumbling of that structure [of alliances with friendly nations] under an administration blinded by ideology and a callous indifference to the realities of the world around it.

And I shouldn’t have to reiterate the whole “weapons of mass destruction” argument — the number one reason given for the war in Iraq — which turned out to be not based upon reality, but fit perfectly with the Bush ideological goals.

Callous indifference to reality. Ideologically-driven. Blindness.

Hopefully, these descriptions are limited to the Bush Administration and do not infect the majority of voters come November 2004.

Special thanks to my wife, Denise Chaffee, for bringing the CNN article to my attention.

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