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Are We Safe Yet?

Posted by Rick · June 18th, 2006 · No Comments

This is the sort of thing people just don’t understand about the new wave which allows for the abrogation of constitutional liberty and flips the Constitution on its head.

Here is a guy who spent a lot of time hanging out in Iraq, potentially getting mixed up with terrorists. And when he arrives home on a flight from Dubai, the Department of Homeland Security grabs and detains him for about six hours.

Why? Because he once sold bootleg t-shirts as a youth. Oh, and he once had an argument — which he won in court — with a parking attendant and then accidentally missed the final court date (i.e., after he won the case).

As he notes in his article, he spent significant amounts of time in what would be potentially questionable activities in Iraq and other places. But did the Department of Homeland Security ask him one question about these activities?


So. Whether you get this or not, we’re not one whit safer since erasing the constitutional protections we formerly had, when the government of the United States was “a limited form of government.”

If only our schools still taught civics. If only it was still part of our normal education to learn about the Federalist Papers.

Maybe then we’d actually be safer, instead of just — like an ostrich with its head in the sand — mistakenly believing we were.

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