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December 6th, 2003 · 2 Comments

I never cease to be amazed at jew-baiters. I suppose I should stop being surprised. And if they weren’t so doggone dangerous, I’d just ignore them. After all, even asking questions and voicing concerns is often enough to set off a new round of antisemitism.

On the other hand, after reading one of Vachon’s articles on Counterpunch, it appears he may just have taken one-too-many bad acid trips.

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Mel Gibson: Antisemitic Jew-Baiter?

August 3rd, 2003 · 30 Comments

Someone sent me a link to a New York Times story indicating that Mel Gibson is possibly antisemitic, is producing a film that will inflame the world against the Jewish population and is involved in baiting Jews and sowing religious conflict. Is Mel Gibson—and the movie he is producing named The Passion—antisemitic?

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