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Chaffee Zoo: Endangered Zoo List

November 18th, 2003 · 8 Comments

Today’s front page of The Fresno Bee tells the sad story that poor leadership and lack of will at the Chaffee Zoological Gardens is finally catching up with them.

Before going on, I should point out a potential bias on my part: My wife is Denise Chaffee, daughter of the late Dr. Paul S. Chaffee, affectionately known in his day as “Doc.”

Since many people probably no longer even know who “Doc” Chaffee was — as bewildering as it seems, I’ve searched long and hard and failed to find his name mentioned anywhere on the Chaffee Zoo website other than in the name of the zoo itself — here’s a little background….

[Note: The article also includes never before published photographs from Denise Chaffee’s private collection!]

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