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Supporting the President

Posted by Rick · January 8th, 2005 · No Comments

I’m still guest-blogging, so don’t forget that in addition to articles I’m writing here, there’s more at Chepooka and My Left Brain.

While writing “Idiot Dust, Fear Dust, or Both?” for My Left Brain today, I said (among other things),

In such articles as “Beware of the Dog” and “President Bush: Dishonest? Or Merely Incompetent,”
I have argued that we need accurate and true reportage of the
President’s policies in order to decide — as citizens in a democratic
republic must — whether we support those policies, or not. — Horowitz, “Idiot Dust, Fear Dust, or Both?” My Left Brain

And it occurred to me after I said that, that this is one of the things that pretty much bugs me the most about what’s happening today. Because what’s going on is that Americans aren’t being given a chance to support the President.

Huh? What?! Support the President?!

That’s right. People aren’t being given a chance to support the President. Instead, they’re supporting policies the President does not support and will not — indeed, cannot — implement.

For so long as the descriptions of the policies being offered by salesmen like Armstrong are all the American public knows about, then those policies — and not the President’s policies — are what they will support, if they support anything.

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