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pResidential Commentary on Marriage

Posted by Rick · January 22nd, 2004 · No Comments

I still haven’t been able to make it all the way through Bush’s so-called State of the Union address. I may have to switch over to reading the transcript; watching him deliver it in person, with the smirks (or are they bemused looks, as he thinks, “Hehehe…they’re eatin’ it up”) is too hard and I end up switching it off after about five minutes of pain.

Bring on the PATRIOT ACT permanently, boys! Oh well, freedom was getting old anyway.

Some others have managed to read a bit more. Here’s one blogger’s commentary on Bush’s thoughts about marriage.

My own concerns focus more on his encouragement to law enforcement vis-à-vis permanently stripping Americans of constitutionally-guaranteed rights.

At least he’s consistent: We’ll eliminate rights guaranteed by the Constitution and, for anyone who might want to exercise powers (e.g., the power to structure the legally-defined, but socially-structured institution known as “marriage”) not specifically enumerated — that is, rights that the Constitution mentions in the 10th Amendment — we’ll amend the Constitution to block that.

By the time he’s done, the Constitution which was written to limit Government will have effectively been reconstrued to limit Citizens. Non-citizens, previously covered by the Constitution as well, have already been effectively stripped of this coverage. We, the People of the United States, are next.

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