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Gallaudet Protest

Posted by Rick · May 22nd, 2006 · 1 Comment

As I’m tied up studying for the California State Bar Examination, there’s not much time for other activities, particularly blogging.

I was recently contacted by someone connected with Gallaudet University, asking me to help them with a legal issue. Of course, as I am not yet an attorney, I had to inform him that I cannot and will not give legal advice. The rules relating to non-lawyers, particularly law students who hope to become attorneys, are quite strict. In fact, I did not even want to offer him advice on a referral (just to ensure no one would later claim I offered a particular individual legal advice).

Subsequently, I received via email a link to a website containing information about what is happening at Gallaudet University, a federally-funded agency charged with providing higher-level education for deaf and hearing-impaired individuals. The site contains information about the situation at Gallaudet, providing contact information for any attorneys who might be willing to assist students of Gallaudet.

While I don’t have time to recap everything there — I do, as I noted, need to study for the Bar Exam — I can at least refer readers to the Gallaudet Protest website.

The site is worth a read. If the claims there are true — and I have no real involvement with Gallaudet, so I can only repeat what I’ve heard from someone I know who is connected — this is a matter that should concern more people. If the claims are true, millions of dollars of American taxpayers’ money are being deposited Halliburton-style — that is, with no oversight and no credible demonstration that the money is being used for its intended purpose — into the hands of a small number of people whom some students of Gallaudet claim are not using the money to carry out the federal mandate given them.

Since I must return to my studies — and because, as I said, I only know what I’ve been told anyway — anyone interested in this situation should check the Gallaudet Protest website.

Short of complaining to my congressional representatives, there’s nothing more I can do. But don’t let that stop you.

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  • 1 Brian Riley // May 22, 2006 at 10:09 am

    Would anyone who has ideas please contact me? We protesters are gearing up for a massive publicity campaign in order to find an attorney or law firm to represent us in suing the US Federal Government.

    So far, several law firms have declined, citing possible conflicts of interest.

    Any advice on finding representation would be much appreciated, as well as advice on conducting an effective publicity campaign.

    Thank you,

    Brian Riley (559) 285-5268


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