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A Fix for the Jobless Recovery

Posted by Rick · March 1st, 2004 · No Comments

I have an idea that will overnight solve the “jobless recovery” problems in the United States. And it’s so very simple, it’s hard to believe no one has ever thought of it: Companies like Sprint PCS can hire enough people to handle their call volumes.

Seriously, when was the last time you contacted a U.S. company and did not hear a recording that said something like, “Based on current call volumes, your call will be answered in approximately…10 minutes.”

This evening, because of poor service from Sprint PCS, I dialed “star-2” for help. I’ve never used that service before, because of the horror stories I’ve heard, but I had no choice; I needed help. I got the aforementioned message, saying I would have a five minute wait. Seven minutes later, someone answered (who was very nice) and after a 30-second discussion decided that I needed to be forwarded to some who could handle the problem because “it’s a special problem” (my phone won’t call my wife’s phone for some reason; it goes straight to voicemail — other phones work). The next thing I hear is a recording which says, “Based on current call volumes, your call will be answered in approximately…10 minutes.” Actually, I think it said “10 or 15,” but I can’t swear to that, because I’m so angry right now.

When was the last time you went to a grocery without waiting 10 to 15 minutes in line? When was the last time you did just about anything in America without either being required to serve yourself (sometimes still waiting in a line to do so!) or wait. I’ve heard of waits of up to 45 minutes at places like banks!

This is insanity. But the Walmarts of the world — already busily displacing the mom and pop stores that might provide more personal service (and, I might add, employ more people) — know that you will let them get away with it.

“To hell with the economy,” the lords say, “what we need is to finish training the serfs to wait in line!”

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