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Republican Christianity

Posted by Rick · March 1st, 2005 · No Comments

No time today to write the follow-up some have suggested to my “New Fascism” article — but I like the idea and intend to do it later.

Meanwhile, Bob Marcotte points me to an interesting read today. A few things popped out at me, but this one seemed worth bringing to your attention:

So, it wouldn’t bother you so much if people from other faiths were more involved in politics?

I wish that Christianity really would take over the Republican Party. Then we’d have, “If someone smites you, turn the other cheek.” We’d have, “Blessed are the poor.” And so forth. But Christianity hasn’t really taken over the Republican Party. Instead, we have narrow-minded fundamentalism.

Reminds me of comments I’ve periodically made (which have puzzled the heck out of my friends) wherein I said that I wish the United States really was a Christian nation.

Enjoy the rest of the article at SFGate.com.

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