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Now You See G-d, Now You Don’t

Posted by Rick · March 1st, 2004 · 1 Comment

Here’s something about G-d that I think both Jews and Christians — and possibly those of other faiths — can agree about.

Whenever a human being performs an act of integrity, honesty, kindness, compassion, or self-sacrifice, he is revealing godliness in the world. “Kiddush Hashem” literally means “sanctifying the Divine Name.” …

Conversely, whenever a human being performs an act of meanness, cruelty, avarice, dishonesty, or selfishness, he is hiding God’s presence in this world. “Hillul” comes from the Hebrew word for “empty space”; a Hillul Hashem makes the world seem empty of God.

Every action is a stone thrown into an infinite pond; the ripples it causes go out in ever greater circles, endlessly.

I link the full article here because I think everyone should read it. This doesn’t conflict with my incessant argument that the United States should not endorse any particular religious point of view. In fact, I’m offering this post as a counterpoint to some of those arguments just because I don’t want the mistaken belief (which some emails indicate to me exists) that I’m against religious belief or practice; I’m against faux religious belief and practice, but I believe very much in the concept of tikkun olam. I believe in it even without believing in a personal G-d. I do still find it (religion) illogical; that doesn’t mean it has no value.

Nevertheless, my personal endorsement of Jewish practices does not mean I think the United States government should legislate those practices, however good and beneficial to society they may be.

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