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Try Not To Laugh

Posted by Rick · December 13th, 2003 · 2 Comments

I swear I am not making this up; this is a real quote:

Conservative lawyer Ann Coulter is a blond haired beauty with the brains and backbone to send the staunchest Liberal running for the hills. — “Ann Coulter Talking Action Figure,” NewsMaxStore.com

Dave Barry would say, “I wish I were making this up!”

Surprised? Why? It’s just business.

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  • 1 Chip // Dec 14, 2003 at 8:26 am

    Anne Coulter does have brains of a sort–the reptilian, predatory sort, and the personality of a gila monster to accompany the brains. “Backbone”–I suppose; at least enough to keep her vertical after four martinis at a DC watering hole. Beauty? All I can offer is a Latin tag: de gustibus non est disputandum–“there is no accounting for tastes.” Well, maybe after four martinis of my own. On second thought, four would leave me a bit short of the inebriation necessary to appreciate such equine beauty as Coulter’s. Maybe six.

    From what I have read of them, her books are works of pseudoscholarship, complete with dummied-up footnotes.

    Does it seem as though I’m running for the hills?

  • 2 Stephen // Dec 14, 2003 at 7:51 pm

    A quote from the action doll sales-hype:

    Ann says, “This action figure can talk, wear different outfits and hairstyles.” But that’s not all. Ann adds, “It also kills terrorist leaders and converts their followers to Christianity.”

    Isn’t there something in the Bible about praying to false idols?


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