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There Ought To Be Limits

Posted by Rick · January 16th, 2004 · 8 Comments

In 1999, while campaigning to become the President of the Land of the Free, in response to a website that poked fun at him, now-President George W. Bush said,

There ought to be limits to freedom.

Since then, he’s acted as if this were a campaign promise — and one which must be kept at all costs. We now have more governmentally-imposed limitations on our freedom than the days of the real King George, against whom the colonies that would become the United States fought.

Today, the print edition of the Fresno Bee (p. A16, rightmost column [how appropriate is that?]) shows Bush criticizing the Republican-controlled Congress because they refused to allow direct-funding of “faith-based initiatives.” (Direct funding of such programs has been repeatedly ruled unconstitutional by the courts.) The President said,

It’s important for our government to understand that…faith-based programs only conform to one set of rules, and it’s bigger than government rules.

The President of the Land of the Formerly-Free, having previously determined that there should be limits to freedom, is now advocating that he wants to use government money to fund programs run by people who do not — in fact, according to him, cannot and should not — follow government rules, because they follow some other rules that are “bigger” than the rules of the government.

Where does this kind of thinking stop? What kind of country are we once we agree to fund and support these religious groups, which will not answer to us because they follow a set of rules which is bigger than we, the people?

“It’s important for government to understand” this! Yes, Mr. President. It is. And it’s important that the government — that is, we, the people — vote to remove leaders who advocate having us give money and support to those who will not obey our laws.

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  • 1 ZooT // May 9, 2004 at 3:36 pm

    Im sure glad we dont have that problem in Canada

  • 2 Rick // May 14, 2004 at 4:30 pm

    Would that be because you don’t have freedom of speech issues? Or because you don’t have George Bush?

  • 3 Dave // Sep 1, 2004 at 11:08 am

    Kerry is no better, only way out of this is if enough people vote for a third party such as Michael Peroutka http://peroutka2004.com

    [Rick’s Note: Normally, I do not allow posts here which count as “advertising.” Since this is arguably a political opinion, I’ll let it through. If I start to get a lot of “political advertising,” though, I may start blocking those things, in addition to regular spammers. For any of you who are campaigning: You should know that most bloggers would consider a notice like this one, posted with no real connection to the article or argument either for or against what was written, is nothing more than spam. And spammers are more detested by bloggers than homosexuals are by Jerry Falwell and or civil rights are by George Bush.]

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