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The (Anti-)Freedom Train

Posted by Rick · November 24th, 2004 · 1 Comment

The House of Representatives is railroading through bills that directly affect the extent of your freedoms.

I know. You don’t want to hear it. I’m a liberal fruitcake. Cover your ears. Cover your eyes. But you can’t cover your personal life under rules currently being rammed through Congress.

Even the House of Representatives agrees with me on this one.

Both the Republicans and the Democrats want to correct a mistake they recently made in giving too many people access to your tax returns (and theirs, by the way).

The mistake occurred because Republicans, drunk with their “man date” obtained from just over half of U.S. voters — the other half are presumably girly-girls. Wusses who don’t believe in fighting unjust wars, governments that lie to them and theocratic fascist regimes.

But in their rush — they can’t even wait the normal three days to give one another time to know what they’re voting on — Republicans have rammed through a bill that exposes everyone’s tax returns.

Republican leaders have blamed sloppy drafting by congressional aides and the IRS for the provision. Alam Fram, Guess Who Could View Your 1040? (November 24, 2004) CBSNews.

Sloppy drafting or not, if Republicans weren’t so eager to force these bills through, it would have been caught before the vote. The House rules say there’s supposed to be three days — three days — between the time a bill comes out of committee and the time everyone votes on it. Unfortunately, three days would allow people time to read the bills. And since a large number of them are aimed at stripping Americans of freedoms (and, in this case, privacy), the Republicans are concerned that if they wait the three days, people will read them, horns and covers will be blown and the Evil Democrats will insist upon protecting your rights. This could have a negative impact on the ability of Republicans to get these anti-constitutional laws passed.

In their defense, Republicans say that Democrats did the same thing when they had control.

Funny thing, I don’t remember a rush to strip me of my rights until quite recently.

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  • 1 Mark // Nov 24, 2004 at 9:49 am


    Don’t be ridiculous! Everyone knows that patriotic true Americans don’t need rights! Some people with fancy book-learning may think such things are important, but real Americans know that if Jesus thought Americans needed rights, he wouldn’t have made the tabulating computers change the votes so that George Bush would “win” the election.

    All conservatives know that people who are innocent never have anything to hide. That’s why drug-addicted talk show hosts are happy for authorities to have their medical records. I mean, that is what Druggie Rush did, didn’t he? Didn’t he give all of his medical records to the authorities so they could determine whether or not he broke the law? He couldn’t possibly have anything to hide, could he?

    Besides, if Jesus hadn’t wanted Rush to be a drug addict, he wouldn’t have let those bad people sell drugs to Rush illegally. The criminals who sold him the drugs might have broken the law, but not Rush!

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