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Bush vs Eve

Posted by Bob · May 25th, 2004 · 6 Comments

There have been just SO many different and creative ways to let the world know of your political preference that you would think everything has been tried at least once.

That’s before you meet The Axis of Eve.

This group of politically active women bring new meaning to “dress up day” at work. You see, they literally wear their political thoughts on their…let’s just say somewhere below their sleeves. Their message is clear and simple: this president has to go and their method of choice is intended to “lay bare the shameful tactics of the Bush administration and boldly demand an end to political cover-up.”

Whether you agree or disagree with their messages, you’ll probably have to agree that this method has “turned a new leaf” in political expression.

An interesting article from the San Francisco Gate explains why these women think “…Kerry needs a little help in the sex-appeal department”… .

They also plan on putting on a demonstration at the Republican National Convention this summer. There is no question it will get “coverage” but whether it can be seen on national TV is another matter.

We just hope that this becomes a trend in politics. It certainly would refute the idea that politics is just “for boys”.

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  • 1 Nat // May 25, 2004 at 7:56 pm

    The more America sees of Kerry, the less it likes him.

    They say he is so vain that he has had Botox injected into his face to smooth out his forehead. Why he doesn’t he try some collagen in that small, nasty, mean little mouth of his? U think puffy lips might help dispell some of the notion that the man is constantly contemplating impending doom.

    Look at him. Could you stand looking at that for 4 years?

    Why doesn’t the Liberal Press want to talk about Kerry? I suspect for the same reasons we find him so contemptible. I see the men who served under him are almost unanimous that he was hated by the men in his unit. All we hear about are the medals he threw away – or was it just the ribbons – but we never get to hear that the men he was supposed to command, hated his guts.

    I see a picture out today of Kerry shaking hands with Daniel Ortega. That figures. Liberals love to toady up to every little Commie dictator. Any foreigner who criticizes the United States is instantly accorded heroic status by the Liberals.

    You people have made a horrendous mistake nominating this POS Kerry.

  • 2 Nat // May 26, 2004 at 6:12 am

    Please help me. I am a victim.

    I am being oppressed by Liberals who deny my right to free speech at the very same time they are expounding about The First Amendment! I have posted a critique to this board to the effect that the Liberals OBVIOUSLY are embarrassed to talk about Kerry. Yes, I would be embarrassed too if the Republican or Reform Parties had someone as duplicitous as Kerry as their presumptive nominee. Nevertheless, I would never disallow someone the oppotunity to present an opposing view.

    THEY JUST WERE TALKING ABOUT censorship here and here they are practicing it!!!!!!

    I have attempted to post my critique to the “Comments” section in this weblog but the Liberals here deny me publication of my views. This is SUPPRESSION of free speech right here in our country, Ladies and Gentlemen. It should shock all fair minded people to their core. The Liberals say one thing, while simultaneously practicing the opposite.

    Is there a Federal Program that protects victims like me? I have been deprived of my First Amendment rights by this weblog. Surely there is a government funded program that can help me.


  • 3 Mark // May 26, 2004 at 8:04 am


    Where do you find this stuff?

    I can understand if you were trying to take a light-hearted break from your normal, more serious writings. The problem, though is that this post seems to draw strange and repugnant comments in response — not unlike the flies that light on and eat animal droppings.

  • 4 Rick // May 26, 2004 at 8:54 am

    Well, I, for one, like many of the things Bob finds. Even though Bob and I aren’t on exactly the same political field (in some significant ways, he’s more conservative than me; in others, less so), I still get a kick out of some of the stuff he finds.

    He can’t be blamed for the gNats. After all, if you look at what ours wrote, you’ll see that not only is there some kind of joke there, but neither comment has anything to do with the post Bob made.

    Speaking of “boring,” until gNat came along, I never considered it a basis for deciding for whom I should vote. Monkeys can be quite exciting animals, but I’m actually tired of having them in the White House.

  • 5 Bob // May 26, 2004 at 9:05 am

    Hey Mark,

    Yup, I was just trying to have some fun on the blog but even that draws silly rhetoric. Some people just take themselves too seriously.

    I can only have pity on such a life. If it is so important to be heard that you abandon reason and integrity just to post…just sad.

    Such a life would have no real authority to it so it would over compensate in other ways.

    Lonely and sad.

    But look on the bright side, at least someone like that can check their answers on the Weather Channel before having to take actual responsibility for their words. Someone like that would need a security blanket at all times as to not be exposed as so insecure…

  • 6 abi // May 26, 2004 at 11:05 am

    Amazing what you can find going on somewhere. The strangeness does cross party lines, however. Seen this bunch?


    What this all really does is prove my dad’s comment on finding things on the Web:

    “The odds are good, but the goods are odd.”

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