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Posted by Rick · November 16th, 2004 · 3 Comments

Lilith Helps With Remodeling . . . NOT!

Apologies in advance for the light reading the last few days. A few things have conspired to keep me from blogging. First, there was the 50-page appeal I was finishing off last week, so that I can join the ranks of the hated liberal criminal defense types by getting my first criminal out of prison. Then, the law fraternity voted to have our Holiday Party early this year — at my house. And since my wife and I are in the middle of remodeling, that’s created a bit of stress and an accelerated pace; I had to hire another person to come help with the last of the painting. (But I think we’re going to make it!)

In the midst of all that, I have an acquaintance who is enamored of Ayn Rand — treating her work as hardcore religionists treat their sacred writings — and he’s been busy telling me that my emails to him don’t really mean what I say, nor what I say they mean. I finally had to quit responding to him to get some work done. Nothing is more frustrating that writing an email tome only to get a non sequitur in response, because the person has decided your words couldn’t possibly mean what they said. It’s particularly galling when their worship of the view they defend leads them to re-interpret your words in a way no normal person would and then say, “. . . which proves what Rand said.” (For those who don’t know, Ayn Rand apparently thought if “pop psychology” was good, “pop philosophy” would be better . . . with similar results. She has given us such wonderfully deep insights as “things that exist exist”; sometimes shortened to “existents exist” and, as I’ve been told this last week, “existence exists.” I hardly know how to contain myself with this discovery. My sparring partner fails to see the tautology in this.)

The rest of this week isn’t looking all that great, either, as I’ve got another appeal to finish. Currently, I’ve been occasionally writing for different attorneys for whatever experience I can get. But I’m cranking harder now because I’m hoping that this is going to result in full-time paid work with one attorney for whom I particularly enjoy working.

And then, of course, there’s still the finishing up of the house.

You May Approach, Oh Lowly Human

At least the remodeling is going well with all the additional help. Even Lilith, the Demon Kitty, has gotten into the act. She doesn’t understand though, that if she can’t hold a paintbrush, her being on the ladder is actually a hindrance. Although she was clearly spawned from Hell, our Demon Kitty clearly likes the high spots. How she managed to successfully climb an only partially-opened ladder, though, is beyond me.

I wanted to ask her about it, but Lilith is a bit like Condi Rice . . .

Don’t Try Me

Thank goodness George Bush has picked her to replace Powell. Powell was such a wimpy moderate. Those friggin’ former generals. Why is it that after we send them off to war, then reward their successes with cushy high-level jobs like running the State Department, all they want to do thereafter is avoid war at all costs? Fortunately, Condi likes conflict — you can tell by the perpetual scowl — she won’t be a wuss when it comes to beating up on any nation that doesn’t go along with America’s New Imperialism.

Plus, of course, she’s never been in combat. So it’s a lot easier for her to remain detached from the senselessness of killing a few American citizens to achieve corporate goals.

Incidentally, for those interested, clicking on any of the images of Lilith will bring up an enlarged version. Clicking on Condi, like so many other things ordinary people like you might try with Condi, will get you nothing.

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  • 1 Chepooka // Nov 16, 2004 at 10:47 am

    That photo is truly classic. You must make a refrigerator magnet out of it before your party. 😉

    Or, it might make a nice farewell card for Ashcroft (didn’t he say cats were the devil or some such thing?)

  • 2 Rick Horowitz // Nov 16, 2004 at 2:38 pm

    I’m not sure about this, but in the same way that the Republicans primarily targeted African-Americans when it came to voter intimidation, I think Ashcroft primarily targets calico cats.

    (See my prior article, “Calico Cat Stevens.”)

    He may, however, react to her nametag stating that she is “Lilith the Demon Kitty.”

    Oh! But I just remembered that Rivka the Rapscallion is part-calico/part-siamese! How evil is that!

  • 3 toni // Nov 16, 2004 at 10:00 pm

    Hey, you’re a fellow bookworm! I spy with my little eye lots of books behind that ladder.

    Hi, Michele sent me. 🙂

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