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Dog Days of Delta Theta Phi?

Posted by Rick · September 13th, 2004 · 12 Comments

Image of Cheering Fans
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This weekend was a great weekend! And what better way to start it than to drive down to Maloney’s in Westwood Village to watch the University of Georgia Bulldogs lick “their” — okay, I won’t say it in front of the children and other civilized folk. But you know who they licked, don’t you, South Carolina? Poor little birdies got more than their feathers ruffled!

Right before the game, I managed to get my hands on a new set of flash equipment for my camera, an Olympus E-20N. Without a chance to read the manual before the game started, it was “touch and go” on the results, but I did get a few decent shots that I’ll post tomorrow in my online albums.

After the game, which we attended at the invitation of one of Fresno’s bigger Georgia Bulldogs fans, Mark King, and his wife Tracy Haas, the four of us went to our hotel for a leisurely dinner, a drink by the pool and some much-needed shut-eye.

Delta Theta Phi picnic attendees
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The rest was preparation for a day at the beach — Doheny State Park Beach, to be exact — for a regional Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity, International picnic. There weren’t as many people as we’d hoped for, but a good time was had nonetheless. Cate Smith, Executive Director of the International office, was there. She presented us with a See’s gift certificate and hat for having traveled the farthest to reach the picnic. (Clovis to LA is about a four-to-five-hour drive, depending on traffic.) Dean Jean Delago and Exchequer Brandon Mercer had the next-longest drive, coming from University of La Verne College of Law in Ontario, California. It was great to get a chance to sit and chat with them, Cate, Larry Meyer, Joel Lemke, Carl Pentis and the others. Pictures from this event will be posted in the “photos” section of Unspun™ in the next day or two, along with the Georgia pics.

Well, that’s about all the time I have for today. Perhaps I’ll get a chance to dish up my regular fare of politics and/or law tonight after class!

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  • 1 Nat // Sep 13, 2004 at 11:11 am


    Your post reeks of Lieberal disingenuousness.

    Why would some Left Coast Lieberals care about
    a CONSERVATIVE school like The UG Dawgs??? I mean
    that’s Bush country. They don’t allow Lieberals
    into the States of Georgia or South Carolina for fear of contaminating their youth with the false dogma of Lieberalism.

    Besides, isn’t Soccer the game you Lieberals
    prefer? You know that b-o-r-i-n-g game that’s played in all those Socialist countries that you Lieberals drool over? I thought football was so much of an AMERICAN game, requiring individual and team iniative instead of a guidance from a State monopoly, that you effete Liberals find it distateful.

    I think the truth is that you would much rather watch some fuzzy little foreigners run all over a soccer field. I love the part when they get a little tap on the ankle they go down writhing in mock pain to get a penalty called. Then, 2 minutes later, they’re back in the game. Yeah, that’s the sort of “character” that Lieberals admire. As in fakes and liars.

    Oh, and just in case you didn’t notice … Coach Holtz and the SC team was playing the Dawgs really close all through the game and were in it up to the end. So, even your claim that certain body parts may have been – let’s see, how did the Lieberals so disgustingly put it? Oh yes … “licked”, was as false as your Lieberal political ideology.

    No wonder you and Marxist Mark are such tight pals. Between the two of you, you can distort anything.

  • 2 Rick // Sep 13, 2004 at 7:10 pm

    G-d, I love you, Nat. I don’t care what anyone (or was that “everyone”) says about you. You’re a walking advertisement for what’s wrong with the Republican Party. If you didn’t exist, I’d want to invent you.

    Only you could turn a post about our visit to a football game into an “example” of how all liberals must be liars.

    I guess the picture of Mark in the Bulldogs cap isn’t going to fool you! No, sir! There’s no way in hell to trick you into seeing the world as it really is! I mean, shoot — you even think you have your own blog!

  • 3 Mark // Sep 13, 2004 at 8:50 pm


    Once again, you display your incredible ignorance to the world. I am proud that my alma mater has the reputation of being the “Berkeley of the South.” UGA was a very liberal campus when I was there from September of 1978 through March of 1982. I understand it is still a liberal campus today.

    During my time there, I was a member of the Demosthenian Literary Society (the debating society) along with two people who are likely heroes to you, Ralph Reed and Daniel Mitchell. They were just as obnoxious, irrational, and totally wrong 25 years ago as they are today. They were also a bit out of place, because UGA was fairly liberal. That kind of thing tends to happen when people read a lot.

    Have you ever been correct about anything, Nat?

  • 4 Mark // Sep 13, 2004 at 9:00 pm


    One more thing, I am told you brag about having a blog, but won’t say where it is. That, and some other contradictory things I am told you shared with Rick, lead me to strongly suspect that you don’t have a blog. It’s like your leader’s supposed service in the National Guard in Alabama. He says he was there. He won’t release his pay records or his tax returns. That (combined with a mountain of other evidence) leads to the inevitible conclusion that the only time he showed up on the Air National Guard base in Alabama was for a dental exam! He’s lying! Just like you!

    What is the problem that so many on the so-called “right” have with the truth? Why do you guys find lying about everything under the sun to be so desireable?

  • 5 Nat // Sep 14, 2004 at 6:57 am

    [Editor’s Note: I’ve tired of trying to deal with personal attacks, lying and misinformation provided by Mr. Dawson. I’m convinced that one of his aims here is to disrupt the writing; he knows from past entries that the more he comments, the less time I get for writing articles. I’ve written a blog article, rather than a regular response, this time. Since he always says the same things, a few of us may put together a “standard set of rebuttals” akin to a FAQ. After this is done, whenever there’s a Nat Dawson post, it will be preceded by a comment from me saying, “See standard rebuttal number xx,” where the x’s represent the number of the rebuttal to read.]

    Memo to Marxist Mark

    Yes, I have a blog and it’s doing very nicely. And your responses above are the perfect illustration of why I haven’t publicised it here. BECAUSE I DON’T WANT YOU ANYWHERE NEAR IT.

    You can’t debate anything at all without getting nasty, mean and personal about it. Just like above you are foaming at the mouth over something TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to this year’s election. And now that the American people have wised up to the fraud and deceit of Kerry and now that he is SINKING like a stone in the polls, you are becoming even more shrill, more nasty and more DanRatherlike every day. You only have to watch Rather with the sound off to see a man that is trembling with hate and that is what has driven him to his present state of lunacy of trying to deny that obviously FORGED documents are even anything people should care about. They don’t.

    The American people have seen the steady leadership of George Bush IN ACTION for the past four years. Our economy is growing very nicely after the tax cuts moved it out of the recession bequeathed by Clinton. The Public has seen that Gore is very clearly UNHINGED and are taking note that they do not want another arrogant narcissistic bore which is exactly what Kerry is.

    And so, as your hopes rapidly recede, you resort to petty, childish requests for meaningless “pay records” of 30 years ago. You Liberals are looking STUPIDER, SMALLER, MEANER and PETTIER every day. You even try to claim I don’t have a blog just like you tried to tell me I didn’t have a daughter who was severely emotionally stressed when Clinton’s true White House actitivities were revealed and little boys in playgrounds across America stopped young girls and demanded a “Monica” because “that’s what the President does”. Your self-delusion knows no bounds and you will say anything however false, reckless and harmful.

    But please … just keep on doing what you’re doing because the American People are so repulsed by the vile nature of Scary’s campaign that a HUGE BACKLASH is building in this county that is going to result in you people being punished for the sheer ugliness of your assault on our President. Yes, I’d love to see a permananent Republican majority and I’d love to see it caused by the backlash from the revulsion the public feels over the raw sewage of the Kerry campaign.

    But I’m also looking past the election and do I want a Michael Moore clone on my blog? NO, emphatically, no. I will NEVER give you my blog’s URL and so you will just have to take your HATE SPEECH elsewhere.

  • 6 Mark // Sep 14, 2004 at 7:25 am


    One more thought — since we’re talking about sports, I am certain that your favorite sport is professional wrestling. Just like an electronic voting machine, it’s completely fake and has an outcome that is predetermined long before the event actually takes place!

  • 7 Mark // Sep 14, 2004 at 8:22 am

    Fascist Nat:

    I understand that American soldiers all over Iraq are asking that they be released early from their military commitments without penalty. They say they want a “Bush,” because that’s what the current appointed resident of the White House did.

    I am willing to bet real money that you do NOT have a blog. Of course, you lie about everything, so there would be no way to verify your word. It’s a shame. Because I would dearly love to take money from you. Of course, you wouldn’t honor the bet, anyway. Who am I kidding?

  • 8 nick meyer // Sep 14, 2004 at 1:30 pm


  • 9 Bob // Sep 14, 2004 at 2:41 pm

    Hey Nick,

    How you doing? I hope everything is going well for you. My wife and I rode from Monterey to Morro Bay on the Victory over three days on Highway 1. Amazing beauty all the way!

    Regarding your post, it’s really sad that your buddy can’t stop insulting people. It’s just a guy who went to Georgia watching his football team on TV and a picnic. That’s what the whole article was about yet your buddy had to smear everyone with his bile. It’s just a football game…

    You know, on many occasions your buddy has claimed to be a Christian. I know for a fact that he is not. No Christian would write like this. No Christian would enjoy hate like this.

    Do you think this guy is a Christian?

    I get really embarrassed since there are people here who think that’s how a Christian works. You know, all nice to you in person but just becomes a selfish SOB when using an alias, when no one can see him?

    If you get a chance, could you ask him to stop it. And maybe tell him that even though we don’t know what his real name is, there is someone who does and He doesn’t like his name dragged around in the mud like this.

    And ask him to stop lying.

    This will probably get a bile-filled comment aimed my way but I really want to know what you think, Nick.

  • 10 Nat // Sep 14, 2004 at 2:43 pm


    You just don’t GET IT, do you?

    You can’t write ONE SINGLE paragraph without injecting some venemous, totally unproven, vicious, ugly allegation of some kind.

    [Editor’s Note: Given the way that last sentence reads, it seems that we’re after the third definition of “allegation” from Merriam-Webster: “an assertion unsupported and by implication regarded as unsupportable.” And, as anyone reading the blog can see, only Mr. Dawson makes unsupported assertions. He appears to think they don’t need to be supported. It’s unclear why they wouldn’t need to be supported, since even makers of false accusations usually try to support them. Apparently, Mr. Dawson is simply incapable of providing support for his assertions and believes that his entertaining use of language will make up for his deficiencies.]

    That’s WHY you Liebrals are losing!!! The American public is rejecting your politics of hate. And yet your response is just to CONTINUE WITH MORE OF THE SAME THING!!!

    [Editor’s Note: Again, it’s difficult to understand what Mr. Dawson might mean by such a comment. For example, I refer to him as “Mr. Dawson,” while he refers to others, including me as “Liebral” or “Lieberal” and “Marxist Mark.” He calls us “stupid” and “small” and “mean” and “petty,” among other nice names. He constantly refers to our “hate speech,” but if you read the posts here, you see him doing more of the name-calling and misrepresenting what people like me say. You see me trying to understand where he’s coming from, but correcting him when he makes false statements. And to prove that my correcting him is not personal, I provide links and footnotes to the things I say; he simply strings together a few pejorative words and (apparently) figures he’s done. He also frequently uses the Internet-equivalent of yelling, by writing in all caps. No one here does more mocking of another’s comments than Mr. Dawson, but on top of that, he attacks people, where I attack behaviors and/or arguments and views. In short, if it’s true that “hate” is “intense hostility toward an object (as an individual),” or “an habitual emotional attitude in which distaste is coupled with sustained ill will,” or “a strong dislike or antipathy,” then it appears quite clear that it’s Mr. Dawson who hates not just what I write, but me and not the other way around. For my part, I’ve attempted repeatedly to cajole, prod, tease, encourage or otherwise bring him to a point of civil discussion. He has responded, as any reader here can see, with uncivil language, name-calling, and — while simultaneously complaining that he’s been censored — statements that he will not behave otherwise unless I kick certain other people (Mark King, in particular) off the blog.]


    Oh yeah, that plus the fact that your candidate, John “effing” Scary, is about as exciting as a Styrofoam cutout.

    [Editor’s Note: Despite my repeated comments that Mr. Kerry is not “my candidate,” Mr. Dawson continues to insist that he is. It is entirely possible to not want George Bush in the White House and not consider Mr. Kerry to be one’s candidate at the same time. Ask those who support third-party candidates. And while I have corrected false accusations made on this blog by Mr. Dawson and while I have done the same regarding comments made about Mr. Kerry in the press, I have not once written a blog that actually advocated voting for Mr. Kerry. I continue to insist that voting for George Bush means further dismantling of the Constitution of the United States — more than four years of it, if you take into account the terms of the Supreme Court Justices who will be appointed in the next term by whoever is the President — but all I’ve so far argued for is not voting for Bush. I have not indicated which other candidate I believe one should vote for. Mr. Dawson, however, is unable to grasp this and continues to refer to Mr. Kerry as my candidate. He believes that if he tarnishes Mr. Kerry with lies and innuendo, this will somehow make me like Mr. Bush. If he were able to prove that Mr. Kerry were a bad guy — and he cannot prove it; he can only assert it — that would not make me like Mr. Bush anymore than proving that Mr. Bush is a bad guy would make me like Mr. Dawson more. I’m capable of disliking more than one bad person at a time.]

    And now even the Janitors are laughing at him.


    [Editor’s Note: Uh, Mr. Dawson, do you intend us to believe that you’re not able to recognize a spoof? Not even when it’s labeled as a spoof by the writers? The point of the article you posted is virtual identical to the point of my comments in posts like “Pestilence: We Can Do Better”; e.g., to show the absurdity of ad hominem arguments. You didn’t really miss that, did you?]

    GO GATORS!!!


  • 11 Mark // Sep 14, 2004 at 3:17 pm


    Good idea. Get your buddy Nat to end such boorish behavior as trying to slam me and Rick over a pleasant, non-political piece about a fun weekend.

    When this foolish and totally phony individual attempts to throw punches, I’m happy (in fact it’s all too easy) to deliver a knock-out blow to his nose. But I’d just as soon not have to do pest control.

  • 12 nick meyer // Sep 15, 2004 at 8:21 am

    Bob, I am jealous!!! We have been talking about getting a ride together to Yosemite in the near future. Interested? I would ask Rick but I am afraid he would turn around once he was left behind at Friant on the 41. !!! Ha-Ha Rick. Many years ago my youth Pastor told me something like, ” When witnessing for Christ only use words if neccessary. Let others see you walk the walk.” To Nat: Even though we sometimes seem to be on the same page I have to agree with the majority here. Rick posted an innocent story about a good time had on a weekend outing and you turned it into something very disturbing and ugly. I for one am happy that Rick and Denise and Mark and Tracy got away from the ratrace and enjoyed time away with friends. Is that not really what America is all about. The freedom to do whatever comes to mind without fearing retaliation for doing same. Try that in some third world country. It won’t happen. My comment, ” Can we just get along” was not printed to be sarcastic. It just seems that enough is enough. It gets tiring reading the venoumous crap day after day. I am not on the same page politically or spiritually as Rick or even Mark but that does not mean we cannot be friends. As a matter of fact my wife and I had an enjoyable time out last week with Rick and Denise at a social setting fundraiser. Again, Rick and I do not agree on almost everything but I for one respect his wisdom and opinions. So, lets agree to disagree albeit in a non harmful matter.

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