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A Whiney Post

Posted by Rick · January 5th, 2006 · No Comments

I figured I better post something up here, so people won’t think I’ve just shut down the blog. I haven’t. I’m still extremely discouraged by the fact that my log files showed an average of 250 visitors per day before I tried to move the blog to Aplus.Net hosting and now, after that fiasco which caused the blog to be offline for a couple weeks, I’m down to about 13 to 18 visitors per day. But the blog is not being abandoned.

In fact, in the rare moments of free time I’ve had lately, I’m researching for an article I want to write. I’ve already picked the title: “Memes of Mass Destruction.” The gist of the article will be that memes foisted on the citizens of the United States by the Bush Administration, which lead us into war and has essentially destroyed our national character through the abrogation of our constitutionally-grounded way of life, are not only harmful, but spuriously maintained. I’m doing quite a bit of reading about the circumstances in which “Americans” lived before the Revolutionary War that birthed our country. As I’ve tried to explain to friends in private conversations on the topic recently, the Founders of this nation themselves were exposed to far greater danger than the United States’ of today. And, yet, in the face of that, they enacted strict restrictions on the government’s ability to spy on its citizens, to seize them, to search them or their belongings and to haul them before courts. (It goes without saying that they actually forbid making a routine practice of holding U.S. citizens without legal representation, charging them, or any of the other things the Bush Administration has been doing of late.)

At any rate, the research is going slowly. Anything I write — such as the last paragraph — without having done the research and documenting my comments with respectable citations is, in my opinion, inadequate. I hope to find some way to convince a few of my fellow citizens to open their eyes. Seeing as how if Clinton, Gore, or any other non-Republican had done the things George Bush and his Administration are doing routinely, they would have been impeached — even Nixon, a Republican in the same mold as Bush, wasn’t allowed to get away with this stuff! — I figure I’m going to have an uphill battle. The American public really doesn’t understand logical arguments anymore and, if it will be impressed at all, will likely only be impressed by appeals to authority. So appeals to authority (citations) is what I’m working on.

And, as I said, slow going. On Saturday, I will have the most unwelcome ability to say that in the last two weeks, I have attended three funerals; one of which, if you’re a regular reader here, was for my own grandmother and I spoke a few words at that one. In addition, my wife spent our vacation time on illness. And now school has started back up again.

Boy, don’t I sound like a whiner!

Well, enough of that. I apologize. Point is, the blog is not going to go away; it’s just moving a bit slowly right now.

Please…stay tuned.

And, oh, by the way: Happy New Year.

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