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Posted by Rick · November 6th, 2003 · No Comments

Given the location this lawyer stores his brain, it’s no surprise he lost the case.

The story is about an Israeli lawyer who tried to place his wife “under no pressure whatsoever” to have sex with him twice daily…by suing her.

I mean, how ugly or mean do you have to be to sue for sex?

Special thanks to Bob Marcotte for bringing this story to my attention.

Presumably, his theory would be that he had some kind of contract, although
the ketubah is typically given by a man to his proposed wife. As such, it is something of a prenuptial agreement that specifies the man’s commitment to his (hopefully) future bride. It would be a highly unusual ketubah that would specify the frequency with which a woman should engage in sexual intercourse with her husband! (On the other hand, the Mishnah does specify the amount or frequency of sexual relations owed by a husband to his wife. This is typically based on a man’s occupation. [Wendy Nelson, Sexuality in Judaism (1999), online, contains a bibliography of interesting readings on sexuality in Judaism.] I’m not sure whether lawyers have any entitlement or not, but I’m guessing this one no longer does!)

In the end, it wasn’t just his wife: The court would have nothing of his briefs, either.

I think the court did him a favor by ruling the petition was not receivable. Here in Clovis, a contract for sex would be a) unenforceable as against public policy and b) probably get you charged with pandering or pimping.

Of course, he could conceivably argue that he gave (and showed) his wife no consideration whatsoever.

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