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Delicious Jazz

Posted by Rick · October 24th, 2003 · 1 Comment

Some time back, a friendly bogey showed up on my radar. Initially known to me as “joe@joe.com”, he refused my suggestion that he change it to “smeagal@lotr.com”. Instead, he revealed himself to be Bob Marcotte, a man I was privileged to call “friend.” We hadn’t seen or heard from one another in some time, but I’m happy to say we’re getting to know one another again.

Delicious Jazz

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Bob, his wife (Carole), my wife (Denise Chaffee) and me used to sit in their den after a lovely dinner where Carole’s beautiful voice would more than make up for the croaks coming out of my own pitiful instrument. I can’t say what I missed more when our lives began moving in opposite directions: the times spent talking with them, the times spent singing with them, or the times sitting there thinking I’d found the finest seat in the Universe when I tuckered out and the real musicians went on unobstructed. I still believe nobody plays the piano better than Bob Marcotte and I know I don’t know any voice I enjoy more than Carole’s.

I’m sure I can’t remember the number of times Bob, Carole and Denise had to use the push-me-pull-me method to get me out of the house so Bob and Carole could to go bed. If it was up to me, they’d have played all night. Eventually, however, Denise would pull me towards the door; with Bob and Carole gently pushing, I’d end up in the car dragging my sorry (sorry we couldn’t stay longer!) butt home.

And now, tonight, I sit here with the clock headed towards midnight. Carole’s been singing the same 7 songs over and over for a couple hours. I don’t intend to let her stop any time soon. I don’t have to: “Delicious Jazz“, a truly delicious CD by Carole Marcotte & the Bob Marcotte Trio, is mine!

Tonight I also downloaded Apple’s new iTunes player. “Delicious Jazz” was the first music I played on it — heck, as fantastic as this sounds, it may be the only music I play on it until I starve to death right here in front of the computer!

These are absolutely wonderful tracks, too. From the first taste of “Scotch & Soda” I realize I could easily wind from Chicago to L.A. along “Route 66” with these tunes caressing my ears. “As Time Goes By” I’d hit repeat on the CD player and probably drive my car right past L.A. and clear on to Hong Kong. “On A Clear Day” “My Romance” with this CD would eventually land me somewhere in Costa Rica — no doubt we’re “Corcavado” bound. But beware, eventually, I may just end up “On The Street Where You Live.”

If I ever figure out how to write a music review, I’m adding it to my Reviews blog. Meanwhile, I’m not sure how you yourself can get your ears on this intermittently soothing/sensual/energetic and thoroughly satisfying album. If you live in the Fresno-Clovis area, you should be able to pick it up at Tower Records. And if Bob will forgive my pathetic attempt at introducing this CD (and especially the corny presentation of the track titles!), he may just post more information in a comment.

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  • 1 Bob // Oct 24, 2003 at 2:04 pm

    Let me give you some Delicious Jazz trivia!

    1 – The entire CD was cut in 90 minutes. Everything was direct to hard disk. No studio tricks were employed, that’s just as it sounded. This is a highly experienced group of musicians.

    2 – Everything is first take, except for ‘Scotch & Soda’. That is a second take because of sound problems.

    3 – Carole is a Syracuse University grad, double major in Voice and Classical Guitar.

    4 – Carole is a remarkable singer. Last December, the Fresno Phil contacted her on Wednesday asking if she could replace the alto soloist in the Phil’s Beethoven Ninth. She learned the music that night, had rehearsal with the chorus and orchestra on Thursday & Friday and performed on Saturday & Sunday.

    Very few singers have this kind of broad range of styles at their disposal. If a singer put that on a resume, most people wouldn’t believe it!

    She has been a featured soloist with Fresno Choral Artists and St Columba Episcopal Church Choir.

    5 – I am a Berklee College of Music grad (Berklee in Boston, not the Bay Area). I am also the Music Director at St Columba Episcopal Church in Fresno. St Columba just put out a CD as well, do you review those, too?

    6 – Jim Ganduglia (drums) on the road with Johnny Mathis for over twenty years, eventually becoming his Music Director.

    7 – Nye Morton picked up the bass at the ripe YOUNG age of fifty! Now he’s one of the best acoustic bass players in the valley and no one knows about him. His perfect pitch helps!

    8 – The CD is available at Tower Records, Miller Music and at Respond Express (all in Fresno).

    Thanks for posting the review!

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