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KKKMJ Wising Up?

Posted by Rick · July 13th, 2005 · No Comments

Word is that the owners of KKKMJ Radio are possibly hedging their bets. Perhaps they’ve recognized that you can only put so much crap on the radio — especially when we’re learning that the largest purveyors of that crap are treasonous folk like Karl Rove, who haven’t hesitated to sell-out CIA agents and America in general if those agents and Americans get in the way of their profiting from war. We doubt it, though. Somehow, we think that in the end, it’s all about money. And if you stop selling slop to only half the world and start giving the rest of the people something to pique their interest, you’ll have more money.

And down the road, we might get to see a world-class mud-wrestling match between Rachel Maddow and Ruth Michaels. (Maddow is one of many female personalities listed on the Air America website; Michaels appears to be the sole token female at KKKMJ — maybe women are generally too smart to be there?)

So they — the owners of KKKMJ, not the treasonous folk in the White House — have brought Air America to Fresno.

You can hear it on 790 AM KFPT. The Al Franken Show airs between 9 a.m. and 12 noon.

Enjoy it while you can, because if Rove and the White House manage to convince enough of the electorate that treason is a non-issue, the owners of KKKMJ may just go back to pumping the airwaves full of anti-American propaganda.

And speaking of Rove, the White House has released Talking Points for the faithful to help combat “the blatant partisan political attack on Karl Rove.” According to the memo, Karl Rove did not intend to commit treason. He was simply trying to explain that, so far as he knew, the White House did not send Joseph Wilson to Niger to investigate Saddam Hussein’s attempts to acquire uranium.

So it’s all been a simple and understandable accident.

We can see how that could happen. You intend to say, “The White House did not send Joseph Wilson to Niger.” Instead, out come the words: “Joseph Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame, is an undercover CIA agent.”

Hmmm…there’s a joke in there somewhere. Trouble is, for those who care about the truth, it just isn’t funny.

Special thanks to Mark King for emailing me the information on Air America’s entrance to Fresno.

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