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Fair, Balanced, or Just Pissed Off?

Posted by Rick · January 30th, 2005 · No Comments

Today, I had to add a category for “Media” to the blog. I originally named it “News Media,” but then I remembered we don’t actually have that category in the United States anymore.

This constitutes the first entry in that category, though it’s not really the first time I’ve written about media issues.

Faux News’ misnamed “Fair & Balanced” Show got a little surprise — and their anchor becomes livid — when a talking head from Vanity Fair proposed that there’s something wrong with throwing 10 parties for $40 million while soldiers are dying in Iraq for lack of adequate armor.

As Faux News’ anchor oozes over what a wonderfully Georgish shot of the Whitehouse they’ve gotten and opines that all that snow might put a crimp in the festivities, Judy Bachrach suggests that perhaps it should put a crimp in their festivities. Faux News’ anchor says, “I didn’t really want to argue politics with you this morning.”

It’s interesting to see Faux’s “anchor” start to slip her mooring as the conversation progresses, until eventually she says, “I think we’ve given you more than your time to give us your point of view….”

Faux News, which runs their point of view 24 x 7, thinks it’s unfair when someone tries to provide two minutes of balance to one of their Dog & Pony shows. As far as Faux News is concerned, that’s just inappropriate.

No word yet on how many of Faux News’ “journalists” are currently paid by the Bush Administration.

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