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Burritos of Mass Destruction

Posted by Rick · May 4th, 2005 · 1 Comment

I’ve gotten a lot of things from burritos: massive heartburn, gastric reflux, food poisoning (once) and, almost always, the ambivalence that comes from knowing one of your favorite foods is eventually going to kill you.

I never thought, however, that I was going to laugh myself to death over a burrito.

Final exam tonight in Evidence class. So don’t expect any substantive posts today. One thing I can say: This post is Admissible as Character Evidence when the Key Issue is America’s Paranoia.

Special thanks to Gweny through whose blog I was eventually lead to
“School Mistakes Huge Burrito for a Weapon.”


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  • 1 Mike // May 4, 2005 at 1:23 pm

    Wow…that’s off the charts! Almost pure proof that the Government’s FUD campaign is working very well. Fear Everything – the mantra of the American public. One component really burns me though – a parent said, “They should be checking the kids before they get on campus.”
    There is a great quote covers this.
    “Instead of worrying about whether or not school is safe for your children, why not make sure that your children are safe for school”
    So apparently, it is the job of the school district to make sure that all of the burrito wielding whackos are kept off site. That’s interesting…I didn’t realize that in addition to teaching and working on academic improvement, that it was the job of school districts to become like our airport system – some grey area cross between private security and law enforcement. Can we raise taxes to pay for it? Hell no…I’ve got to put gas in my SUV so I can pick my kid up from school.
    I can see it now…
    “I have to drop my kid off at 5:00AM so that they can be on time for their 7:45 classes. What is the school district going to do about it?”
    What about the concept of a community? What about the concept of parental accountability? Must be too much adult responsibility for them…

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