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What Kind of World?

Posted by Rick · October 18th, 2006 · No Comments

You really have to wonder what kind of world we’re trying to create here. Between politics and stuff like the story that “inspires” today’s blog posting, I’m really ready to give up on us.

An elementary school in Massachusetts has banned playing tag during recess. One mother says her son feels safer because of the rule.

Has our society actually gone insane?

Her son feels safer because there’s a rule that says he can’t play tag now. Oh, okay. Now I understand. I didn’t realize that this was actually a repeal of the rule that said you must play tag. I thought it was just a new piece of insanity.

You know, if we sent our kids to school in all-encompassing Kevlar® body armor laced with metal plates and then stuck them to an electromagnetic that didn’t release until the end of the school day, they’d be even safer.

If only there were a god to save us from stupid Americans.

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