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Posted by Rick · April 24th, 2003 · No Comments

When Bush’s War against America began, I started writing “little blurbs” which were peppered with links to news stories here and there either to prove — as Dave Barry says — that I was not making something up, to draw out the implications, or to otherwise show my thoughts about it.

This was quite laborious. I was coding the HTML “by hand” using vi. (If you don’t know, it doesn’t matter.) Each time I decided to re-do things, I had to rewrite the tables in which I was nesting stuff, and this got pretty complex.

I had periodically heard the term “blog” but didn’t know for sure what it meant. Since I was now scouring the web for information on what was happening regarding First Amendment and other Civil Rights violations by Bush, Rummy, and his friends, or trying to track how they were going to hide all the money Halliburton and Cheney were to make (answer: we’ll have Bechtel front for them; less people associate Cheney with Bechtel than associated him with Halliburton; it’s easier to hide), I discovered all these blogs.

And, from there, the software to create a blog site of my own…

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