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You’d Think It Was A Red State

Posted by Rick · April 15th, 2005 · No Comments

You really can’t blame Americans for being incapable of understanding free speech issues. It’s what they’re now being taught in schools.

A recent editorial in a high school newspaper set off a furor when the editor opined that there were problems in the school; problems that should be resolved.

This was not CNN, not CBS and not Faux News, which would have presented the opinion piece as “real news” and not an opinion, anyway.

But the perhaps now not-so-intrepid reporter got something she didn’t bargain for. In exchange for making true statements in her opinion piece about actual events that had happened to her, she was yanked into the counselor’s office, “berated and accused of setting back progress in that department by 30 years.”

One can only wonder just how bad things must’ve been 30 years ago.

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