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The Bush Jobs Cheer

Posted by Rick · February 14th, 2004 · 2 Comments

Not much to say about this. It pretty much says it all.

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  • 1 ramennoodle // Feb 17, 2004 at 1:11 pm

    That’s perfect. Bush?s jobs record is dismal. Manufacturing has lost 2.8 million jobs since July 2000. Most of those are in telecom, semiconductor and aerospace and have probably gone “offshore.” A report by Criterion Economics by the NMRC (http://www.newmillenniumresearch.org/archives) said 1.2 million jobs would be created in the next 20 years if the Bush administration made broadband a national priority. His FCC hasn?t done a thing. It has a bunch of rulemakings pending on what broadband is and how it should be treated. Bush needs to crack the whip and make the FCC do something.

  • 2 Rick // Feb 17, 2004 at 1:15 pm

    Maybe the reason he hasn’t cracked the whip on this issue is that he and his cronies haven’t figured out yet how to “offshore” jobs like these — that is, jobs which have to actually be done on or in U.S. soil.

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