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Who Owns the Press?

Posted by Rick · July 6th, 2005 · 5 Comments

Well, this is getting downright weird.

It’s now more than three days since the story first broke that Karl Rove was the source for the leak regarding a CIA agent’s identity. And still not a word in the mainstream press. Nothing at CBS; nothing at CNN; nothing at ABC.

If the story were false you’d at least expect some news about that. I mean, come on! Over at ABC “News,” you can learn that McDonald’s is “seeking” designer uniforms. CNN tells us both the “news” — now nearly a week old — that a filibuster “looms” in Supreme Court talk and that Martha Stewart picked up a nickname of “M.Diddy” in prison. CBS brings us the stellar story of a Russian astrologer suing NASA for “ruin[ing] the natural balances of forces in the universe” with one of its space probes.

Whoa! Hold the presses! Where the hell has Unspun™ been lately? We missed all those.

What we didn’t miss, however, is that Karl Rove is apparently implicated as the source of the leak of top secret information that impacts national security.

Want to know more about this story? You’ll have to look at Newsweek, or the foreign press, or bloggers, or some other non-mainstream arena, because you won’t find a hint of the story on any of the main “news” sites. Even in a story about the reporters who are being threatened with jail for having talked to Rove, there’s no mention of Rove.

Maybe you don’t care, folks. Maybe you really don’t. I can’t know. After all, no one’s telling me (and telling me doesn’t help anyway) and so I can’t know whether you care, whether you’re calling your congressional representatives to complain, or what. But can you seriously tell me that a Russian astrologer suing NASA is bigger than this?

The fact that none of the mainstream press is talking about this should have you worried. And it should have you worried even if you think the story is false. After all, this is news! Spare me from M.Diddy. Keep your designer McUniforms. On July 5, 2005, Karl Rove apparently sat down with Chris Matthews of “Hardball.”

No topic is forbidden territory. Rove candidly discusses a wide range of issues: John Bolton’s blocked nomination, the Downing Street memo, the war in Iraq and Sen. Frist’s role as a “valuable ally.” — Transcript of Karl Rove Q & A (July 5, 2005) “Hardball with Chris Matthews” on MSNBC.

Well, almost no topic. You won’t find word-one about the CIA, Valerie Plame, Joseph Wilson, or anything else connected with the news that Karl Rove, in the middle of a war, revealed classified information about a CIA operative whose job involved weapons of mass destruction, in order to punish her husband for refusing to “document” that Iraq was trying to build a nuclear weapon.

Look over at the Huffington Post — goodness! are we really reduced to such sources for the story? — and Lawrence O’Donnell has three questions for Rove’s lawyer.

I’ve got just one for our national news organizations:

Where are you???

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  • 1 newswriter // Jul 6, 2005 at 8:59 am

    What are you talking about, Ricko?


    Gotta tell you though, that story’s hung on Newsweek cause so far, nobody’s giving it up but whoever gave it to Newsweek.

  • 2 Rick Horowitz // Jul 6, 2005 at 12:36 pm

    How come I couldn’t find it before? I looked and looked. I even did searches on the CNN site and using Google.

    Anyway, thanks for showing it to me.

    Now how come the story isn’t getting bigger???

  • 3 Chepooka // Jul 6, 2005 at 5:08 pm

    New York Times – Reporter Jailed for Keeping Source Secret

    MSNBC Reports – Karl Rove is a Fascist Dickwad

    Dude, this is a dark day for democracy.

  • 4 LQ // Jul 8, 2005 at 9:28 am

    Damn that liberal media!

  • 5 ronjon // Jul 8, 2005 at 9:54 am


    Maybe this story is bogus, that would explain why it has not gotten bigger. I know some people like to believe Karl Rove was the source, but alas that is not true.
    Karl Rove signed a waiver allowing any reporter who had talked to him to testify about it

    He did say that Rove himself had testified before the grand jury “two or three times” and signed a waiver authorizing reporters to testify about their conversations with him. “He has answered every question that has been put to him about his conversations with Cooper and anybody else,” Luskin said.

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