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Whither Unspun™? Who Cares?

Posted by Rick · August 26th, 2005 · No Comments

In case anyone has wondered why this blog hasn’t seen any activity lately, it’s really a couple of things.

I’ve said, “To hell with the rest of you” and I’ve decided to become a Republican. From now on, I will only look out for myself. I will make a lot of money (I’m told that once I become an attorney, that will be even easier than now). I’m going to forget about our constitutional system — which is dead now anyway — and live like the rest of you. No more conservation efforts. No more trying to convince anyone to live lives that are friendlier to the planet, or the animals and people (oops, I’m being redundant!) on it.

Well, okay…I’m kidding.

Sorta. I’m not going to become a Republican.

As for the rest of it, well, it doesn’t really matter what I do, because the rest of you are going to sit still and do nothing while people like this take over the judiciary.

Meanwhile, people like this will continue the drive to recreate Afghanistan’s Rule of the Taliban right here in the United States.

Why? Because YOU will do nothing.

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