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More Quiescence — All the Way Around

Posted by Rick · March 31st, 2004 · 1 Comment

My Business Organizations (Corporate Law) Final Examination, which I thought was last week, is today. I’m probably no more prepared for taking it tonight than I was last week. Frankly, I’ve still been so irritated about that course that I’ve nearly completely blown it off this semester; I’ve hardly done any reading or studying. (This, of course, only adds to the irony of my Witkins Award for Excellence in Business Organizations, which I received this past Friday.)

So now I’m scrambling. Consequently, no blogging has been happening. Maybe after tonight, I can write again. And there’s a lot to write about, not only with what’s happening around Fresno and the World, but with some exciting things going on directly for my wife and me. When I get the time, it will be difficult to know where to start.

Meanwhile, an interesting story — following on the example of Richard Clarke’s apology to the people made before Congress, a reporter for The Free-Lance Star has stepped in with this:

Sorry we let unsubstantiated claims drive our coverage. Sorry we were dismissive of experts who disputed White House charges against Iraq. Sorry we let a band of self-serving Iraqi defectors make fools of us. Sorry we fell for Colin Powell’s performance at the United Nations. Sorry we couldn’t bring ourselves to hold the administration’s feet to the fire before the war, when it really mattered.

Now if we could just get a “mea culpa” from the oil companies, Dick Cheney and George Bush — but I’m being redundant — it might restore my faith in Business Organizations.

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  • 1 Rick // Sep 2, 2004 at 10:16 pm

    To anyone who cares, I haven’t a clue how this happened, but I ended up two semesters in a row with the highest grade in this class, although I despised it, and earned a Witkins Academic Excellence Award.

    Go figure.

    Well, theoretically, I guess, this means I know something about Corporations. So maybe one day I’ll use that, if I ever go into anti-corporate law. 😉

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