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Google AdSense Experiment

Posted by Rick · December 29th, 2004 · No Comments

Well, Unspun™ is launching an experiment here, effective immediately.

In an effort to see if we can generate enough income to keep this blog going — some of you may not know this, but the Editor & Chief Writer is a law student and otherwise unemployed — we’re going to try to add some unobtrusive advertising. You can help out by occasionally clicking on one of the ads.

The first problem is figuring out where to put the ads. The second is convincing Google to quit trying to place pro-Republican advertising when we doubt many Republicans ever visit this blog!

We don’t want anyone to have to wade through oodles of advertising. And right now it doesn’t seem easy to insert an ad into the middle of a blog entry, off to the side, the way we sometimes do with photos. (It could be done, but would require manually inserting code into each article.)

For the moment, we’re going to start out with ads appearing in-between the body and the comments for each article. That way, when the article has been read, the ads will be visible at the end. Hopefully, the ads are skinny enough that people will see there are comments below.

I’ve already sent a “support request” asking why so many pro-Republican ads were showing up on my blog when I first installed the code. The AdSense code culls information from the post itself to decide what ads to put up (hence the name). Unfortunately, Unspun™ frequently rants against Republicans, but AdSense doesn’t seem to “get” that. (No doubt this article will trigger some of the very ads I’d like to limit.)

Anyway, let’s see how it works. Unspun™ really needs the mullah. 😉

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