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Posted by Rick · March 8th, 2005 · No Comments

My time here at Unspun™ lately is limited. I’m developing my future legal website, RHDefense. Until the key areas are built up, it will consume a lot of my “free” time. (Oh where are my co-bloggers Mark and Bob?)

Although Bob doesn’t seem to have much time for writing, he has plenty of time for pointing me to interesting Internet tidbits — the way he sprinkles them on me reminds me of Bunny feeding our fish. Little flakes of fishy-smelling stuff float down past me and I periodically snap one of them up for a blog entry.

Today, one of the flakes falling from Bob’s hand is this story from SFGate titled “White House Admits 1st Blogger to Briefing”.

Actually, as even the story itself notes, he’s the second blogger.

But who’s counting?

One of the things that surprises me about things like this is the reaction of ordinary Americans. We might be titillated (pun? intended?) by stories about what’s happening at the White House. Other than that…eh, not so much.

I mean, seriously folks, we’ve been inundated with stories about how the White House is deliberately misleading — bamboozling, if you will — the American public. And now Schwarzenegger has decided that what’s good for the goosed is good for those who do more than gander.

The greatest support for these guys comes from people who have decided that the Republican Party — being G-d’s Party — can do no wrong. Any attempts to confront them with facts is met with either scorn or outrage. I find this mind-boggling. As I told my next-door-neighbor, Nick, I’m absolutely convinced that if Satan himself appeared on the world stage, so long as he said he was a Republican, he’d win unmitigated support from the American public — at least from the Christian Fundamentalists, who seem to be all the rage (and this time, no pun is intended) these days.

Think about it.

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