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Another Quiz? No!

Posted by Rick · October 2nd, 2003 · No Comments

I’m starting to feel like a sandwich.

Okay, do I always have to make sense?

Someone posted an odd thing to my other blog. It’s up for sale and someone just basically posted what appeared on the surface to be a “lame comment.” So I deleted it.

Simultaneously, however, I traced it to the source, because, in fact, I can multitask. And there, I found this. Now I have no idea who “JAPrufrock” might be. Possibly some beautiful lawyerly Jewish American Princess. Possibly some blond Indonesian chick. Or maybe a short-haired dude named “J. Alfred Prufrock” who sometimes—when not too busy with the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club—hangs out under corporate cover, wearing Ralph Lauren suits and munching on surf-n-turfs. Maybe all of the above. Hard to say.

The investigation lead me (back) to Quizilla, a place (as you may recall) I’ve visited before.

And that’s where I learned…

You are Pyrokinetic!

What’s Your Magic Power?
brought to you by Quizilla

Don’t ask me why I look female in the picture. Perhaps it’s the same thing that made JAPrufrock indeterminate. I mean is JAPrufrock blond and sexy as all get-out? Or does he have slightly green eyes and a handsome face hidden behind an “uh, what am I doing here?” smile? You be the judge.

You know what it is? It’s that friggin’ Schrödinger’s Cat thing. It keeps following me. I don’t know why or how, though. I mean, it doesn’t really seem to be there. Then I turn to look and “whang!” it’s something new and different.

It’s nice to have some explanation for these hot flashes, though, and to know that I’m a wild, sexy, romantic, party animal who can control and generate fire. At least I no longer have to panic at the possibility of burning down the house every Shabbat.

The comment, by the way, was

Dude, I don’t want to buy it at all. Im a little disappointed that you are selling it… and that there is noone to talk to there.

It was signed, georgsamsa@actual_domain_name_deleted_to_protect_the_not_so_innocent.com.

And there’s no one to talk to there because you’re all here. But the real question is “Why is s/he disappointed that I’m selling it, since no one is there?”

If only I could figure out what Kafka’s friend (“georg” is a near anagram of “gregor”) is up to…but that really would change things. Besides, this bugs me enough already. So let’s just close the box on this one.

What? Did you think I was raised by wolves?

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