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Unspun™ Back Online, Sort Of

Posted by Rick · November 16th, 2005 · 3 Comments

I know those of you who read Unspun™ regularly have noticed: We’ve been offline for about 2 weeks.

This is because I made the mistake of moving my hosting services from my own servers to aplus.net. For whatever reason, aplus has insisted that my blog is generating around 2,800,000 SQL queries per day. Most of you neither know nor care what that means, but it’s not good news. It might indicate a defective script on the Unspun™ website.

Unfortunately, I had no opportunity to figure out what, if anything, was the problem. Aplus refused to provide proof of the problem. They simply said it was happening. Given that I have a maximum average number of visitors per day of 250, it seems to me virtually impossible that I was generating that number of queries.

They tried to say that MovableType was the problem, but MoveableType has been around for four years now. I think the problem would have shown up before now. (Unspun™ itself has been operational for about three years, if I recall correctly.)

At any rate, I’ve moved Unspun™ to LivingDot. LivingDot is a MovableType partner and has experience with MovableType. I allowed them to handle the installation of the blog (hence the current funky look, if you’re reading this before I’ve had a chance to tweak the templates). Hopefully, this means if there are any problems, these guys can figure them out pronto, without disabling my email, my website, and everything else, which aplus did when it couldn’t figure out what was happening.

Meanwhile, it looks like aplus and I are possibly headed to court. They’re completely unresponsive over the last 24 hours or so. I was not able to get them to even try to work with me to resolve the problem. And that’s after I paid them for a full year of services in advance!

At any rate, Unspun™ is, as I said, “sort of” online. If you’re reading this post late in the game, you may not notice anything unusual. I will soon be fixing the templates. If you’re reading this post soon after I wrote it, you’ll notice the site doesn’t look like its normal self. And, of course, I lost a few posts along the way because of the way Aplus shut down my site.

But at least it’s back online.

And that’s more than I had after paying my one-year fee in advance to aplus.net!

Special thanks to the MalnurturedSnay for posting information about my plight while I was down and to the numerous people who called and/or sent email offering suggestions.

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  • 1 Rick // Nov 16, 2005 at 11:40 pm

    One thing I just noticed: When LivingDot set up this blog, they configured it to name the article URLs using part of the name of the article.

    This is probably how I should have set up the blog originally, but I didn’t do it that way. And because of that, the internal links in my blog — where I refer to my own articles — are going to be broken until I fix them.

    At the moment, I can’t decide if I should fix them, or if I should tear down the blog and reload it, after configuring it to use numbers, the way it did before.

    At any rate, if you try to read an article and it’s not there, try doing a search for it using the search box on the main page.

  • 2 Blue // Nov 18, 2005 at 1:12 pm

    Glad to have you back

  • 3 eRobin // Nov 20, 2005 at 8:35 pm

    Wow, what a hassle. Glad you’re back.

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