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Comment Posting Problems

Posted by Rick · May 18th, 2004 · No Comments

Since the “upgrade” to the new version of MovableType last night, Comment posting isn’t behaving as it should.

In theory, I have much more control over comment posting than I did in the past. I can require registration or I can allow comments to be posted by anyone only after I approve them or I can allow comments to be posted without any moderation from me.

I’ve chosen not to use moderation. I wanted to allow people to be as rude and socially unacceptable as they wish, or as civil as they wish, making sound arguments or unsound diatribes as their moral code, conscience and the strength or weakness of their arguments allow.

For some reason, it’s not working that way. It’s sending all comments to me for approval. I’ll be opening a ticket with Sixapart (makers of MovableType) about this.

Meanwhile, you can still post. I’ll approve things as quickly as I can within the parameters of my regular full-time job and school. Please don’t “double post” because you think your comment was lost. This only slows things down.

In theory, if you register with the site, you can post without being moderated — although that’s how things should be working right now anyway. And I’m not even sure I’ve set up a method for properly registering (although you could try the “Subscribe” box in the left-hand column to see if that still works).

Apologies. I greatly appreciate all of you for your comments and hope you will bear with me on this.

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