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Entries from November 2006

Christian Coalition Rejects Jesus’ Teaching

November 28th, 2006 · No Comments

And so the Christian Coalition finally comes clean. “Don’t give us any of that Jesus shit,” they say. Joel C. Hunter was to become the next President of the Christian Coalition. But, apparently, he’s too enamored of Jesus’ teachings for the Christian Coalition. They’ll have nothing to do with him…or Him. And so, Hunter has […]

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Tags: Religion

Why Criminal Defense?

November 25th, 2006 · No Comments

The news is in and I passed the California State Bar of July 2006. And, yes, it does feel good to have done this on the first try. Now some friends are renewing a question I’ve heard several times before: Why criminal defense? Why would I want to “put criminals back on the street”? The […]

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Tags: Law and Legal Issues