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Entries from February 2006

Continuing Saga of the Ugly American

February 24th, 2006 · 1 Comment

A new blog — the link for which was sent to me by Steve Malm — calls itself “Real Clear Politics.” I’m not sure what the name is supposed to mean. Are there tons of blogs out there with unclear politics or something? Anyway, one of the articles I read this morning said: It’s hard […]

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Tags: The U.S. & The World

Your Mouse’s Battery Is Low

February 22nd, 2006 · No Comments

As if I didn’t have enough problems already, my computer has been complaining to me all day that my mouse’s battery is low. I don’t know why, but that struck me as funny. Perhaps it’s because for the last two months, we’ve been trying to do something about some tree rodents that got into our […]

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Tags: Personal Life

The Absurdity of Binary Choices

February 21st, 2006 · No Comments

I’ve just about given up blogging for a combination of reasons. It started with — and this is still the primary reason for my silence — my feelings that America has become the Land of the Zombies. For whatever reason, Americans have decided they’re happy to have the status of serfs, not seen since the […]

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Tags: Social Issues

Why not?

February 16th, 2006 · No Comments

Freedom was getting old anyway.

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Tags: Constitutional Issues